Strong background in Tax and Business Law aimed at the establishment of long-term partnerships and the development of tailor-made solutions.

Below are our main practices:
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We assist clients in both administrative and judicial litigation in Tax Law, in addition to providing consultancy services covering direct and indirect taxes, social security, regulatory and customs matters.

Thanks to its national presence, the law firm is specifically focused on representing leading companies in strategic economic sectors in the top tax litigations in both the administrative and judicial spheres, always providing highly customized services. Our work is marked by professional responsibility both in assessing the opportunity to file lawsuits or administrative defenses and in the development and follow-up of the cases.

The purpose of our consultancy activities are to control the tax burden and assess accounting events and reflexes, always backed by the necessary legal analysis to offer solutions and alternatives for our clients, taking into consideration the practical application and reality of each assisted company. It is also worth mentioning the ongoing assistance provided and monitoring of legislative amendments and evolution of the court precedents. In order to do so, our team is always available to provide any assistance that may be necessary, draft legal opinions, memorandums, technical notes, tax burden planning and reorganization, tax and specific legal reviews and due diligences, as well as legal guidance and assistance with respect to tax incentives and special tax regimes.

Our success in achieving the pursued results and the long-term relationship established with our clients are a testimony to the quality of our practice. From our offices in Belo Horizonte, São Paulo and Brasília, our partners lead a dynamic team of lawyers who work together with the legal departments of different companies, executives and entrepreneurs alike, in order to make fast, practical and strategic recommendations.


Founding partner Werther Botelho Spagnol, JD, Master Degree and specialist in Financial and Tax Law, having completed his graduate studies at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, professor of the graduate and undergraduate courses at the Federal University of Minas Gerais and at Faculdades Milton Campos, drafts all opinions on leading tax and social security issues. Spagnol has also written several books and papers, and given lectures and conferences at both national and international congresses.

+ M&A

Our law firm assists sellers, buyers, target companies and minority shareholders in M&A transactions, from organizing the initial and strategic steps, to negotiating Letters of Intent preparing for and or undertaking due diligences to the draw up and negotiation of investment agreements, share purchase agreements, shareholders’ agreements and ancillary documents.


Our practice focuses on modeling, drafting, monitoring the enforcement and resolution of out-of-court disputes relative to construction agreements, for both contractors and owners, and including project finance transactions under FIDIC and World Bank standard agreements. Additionally, we are experienced in assisting clients in all construction segments, such as energy, mining, metal works, transport, sports arenas and commercial developments.


Our M&A practice has led our team to develop its expertise in estate planning. Thanks to our specialized knowledge of contractual, corporate, succession and tax law tools, we are able to offer individual and alternative solutions to ensure protection, asset control and liquidity. Our work includes the conduction of personal interviews, legal due diligences of existing frameworks, identification of risks and potential opportunities and debating all solutions prior to the implementation thereof. Such practices enable our clients to balance out complexity and cost. Active participation throughout the entire process ensures all parties involved the opportunity to monitor the development of the work, clearly understanding each part of the solutions offered, as well as the future management of the implemented framework.


We assist clients in different types of real estate-related contractual transactions, such as the purchase and sale of urban and rural properties, residential and commercial leases, built-to-suit and related transactions. We have the necessary skills to perform legal due diligences in the entire national territory, as well as to efficiently organize large-sized purchase, sale and lease transactions.


Our team also works on our clients’ daily activities, providing the necessary assistance to national and foreign companies in contract and corporate law. Our law firm has a strong background in drafting contracts and following compliance with internal policies, in addition to its expertise in drawing up contracts according to international standards, including the registration of legal documents nationwide.

+ Civil and Commercial Litigation

Pre-litigation and legal advice for the prevention of lawsuits, risk analysis on contracts and lawsuits and negotiation of pre-litigation agreements.
Representation and legal advice on civil and commercial litigation encompassing, among others, civil and contractual liability issues, consumer relations, credit recovery, intellectual property and real estate law.